CBD Japan Project Overview

The project is called the "non-toxic cannabis" CBD, medical cannabis, for world medical personnel and patients.

In Japan, Marijuana may havs a strong image of being illicit, such as "illegal drugs". In North America and the rest of the world, that image has been completely changed as a "Savior of Treatment" because of its effectiveness. Cannabis consists of two components: THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (Cannabidiol).

THC is a main active ingredient of intoxication. Therefore, products that contain THC cannot be handled by Cannabis Regulation in Japan and many other countries. On the other hand, CBD is effective in curing various diseases without fear of side effects. Therefore, it is legal to sell CBD oil, (processed to dissolve CBD ingredients in oil for drinking) and CBD supplements in Japan.

The CBDJ Foundation designed a transparent and stable distribution structure by ensuring the value of 1CBDJ Coin can be exchanged for 0.002ml of its CBD oil.

This would indirectly empower CBDJ investors to purchase and sell CBD oil, creating a virtuous cycle that would enable investors, institutions and customers to trade or make payments through CBDJ tokens.

CBD's Effect

  • Mitigation of pain inflammation
  • The most recognized effect of CBD is analgesic, which inhibits the transmission of pain-transmissioning neurons and helps regulate pain.

  • Control of Anxiety
  • CBD has been reported to have "stable mind" and "rested". CBD has been found to ease anxiety among patients with social unrest disorder.

  • Controlling Seizure Symptoms
  • “CBD” is also reported to be effective in suppressing pediatric epilepsy. It was a documentary broadcast on CNN in the U.S. in 2013 that began to get the spotlight on CBD. A girl with Dravets' syndrome dealt with the shocking fact that she had hundreds of seizures a week, but the CBD-rich product had zero seizures.

  • Neuroprotective Effect
  • "CBD" has a neuroprotection effect. Brain damage caused by epileptic seizures in epilepsy in childhood affects growth and development, CBD is also noted for its ability to recover from brain damage. The fact that the U.S. government has many patents for the protective effects of CBD also suggests that CBD is very effective.

  • The Therapeutic Effect
  • Various scientific reports have shown that the effects of CBD include anti-proliferative effects that control cancer cell metastasis, adhesives and other infiltration. It has also been proven to be effective in curbing nausea and vomiting, especially when undergoing chemotherapy.

  • Antipsychotic Effects
  • One of the benefits of CBD is said to be antipsychotic. CBD has pharmacological properties similar to atypical antipsychotic drugs. Overseas, there is active research on the effects of CBD on schizophrenia.

  • Antioxidant Action
  • CBD is known for its antioxidant properties and has proven to be effective in anti-aging. There are many skin care products introduced with "CBD Oil" in the U.S.

Token Economy

  • Manufacturer
  • CBD product raw material growers, farm owners, manufacturing factories, and other related businesses companies are called manufacturers.

  • Seller
  • "Seller" will obtain a "CBD Token" on the market and will purchase "CBD Products" from the "Manufacturer" listed in above and sell them to "Healthcare" or "Customer".

  • Token Issuer
  • Token issuers analyze the entire economy and determine the amount of tokens that will be issued to build a healthy market.

  • Medical Institutions
  • Healthcare can obtain CBD tokens on the market and prescribe CBD products to buyers from manufacturers and sellers.

  • Buyers
  • "Buyers" acquire "CBD Tokens" on the market and purchase "CBD Products" from "Seller" or "Healthcare".

  • Third-Party Evaluation Organizations
  • "Rating agency" is responsible for the activities from tracking of CBD product materials on the market to evaluate of distribution process of products and services.

Token Distribution

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Total Circulation

1,000,000,000 CBDJ

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Our Partners


Project Team Member

Noriko Uematsu
CEO & Lead Blockchain

Noriko Uematsu

CEO & Lead Blockchain

  • Specialists in Ageing care cosmetics "Placenta Solution "
  • Based on alternative therapies, with organic herbal medicine, and latest aging ingredients to the skin, body, and mind, she established omnidirectional approach to the "spirit" and began organic effect farming
  • Focusing on CBD (Cannabidiol) ingredients for four years, sample tests have started based on data on effects of neurological diseases such as Alzheimer's prevention, sleep disorders and childhood epilepsy.
  • Founder of this Project
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What is CBD?

CBD(Cannabidiol) is an extracted ingredient of mature stems or seeds of Cannabis. It doesn't violate Japan's Drug Laws since it does not contain THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) which is a main active ingredient of intoxication. CBD is called as "Medical Cannabis." because it is very effective in curing various diseases without fear of side effects.

Cannabis consists of two components: THC and CBD. THC is a main active ingredient of intoxication. Therefore, it is legal to sell CBD oil and other CBD products in Japan which does not contain THC.

Prepare the necessary documents before import, obtain permission from the Drug Enforcement Administration, and consult with the Drug Enforcement Administration in advance to carry out import procedures. It requires business license to import CBD.

  • Component analysis table of CBD (must indicate possible details with the signature and date of the manufacturer's representative, at least not containing THC)
  • Photos of the manufacturing process of CBD (whether mature stems or seeds are raw, detailed photos of the manufacturing process and whether they are under the control of the company).
  • A pledge of commitment to whether CBD is based on mature stems and seeds (requires signature and date from the manufacturer's representative)

"CBD" is not a medicine, so anyone can sell who manufactures "CBD" as a raw material for foods and cosmetics

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